4 Things You Need to Know About Dental Implants


If you’ve lost one of your natural teeth, a dental implant is a great solution to restore your smile. But what’s actually involved in getting implants? Will it hurt? And how much will implants cost?

Here are 4 must-know things for those who are thinking about making this important investment.

1. Dental implants are more affordable than ever.
After a consultation to assess your teeth and options, your dental implant provider should give you a comprehensive cost estimate so you can see all costs up front.

While the price may be higher than dental procedures you have had done in the past, keep in mind that dental implants last decades, if not a lifetime, when properly maintained. Therefore, you may actually save money in the long run. Most dental implant centers also work with insurance, and finance programs to help cover dental implant costs.

2. Implants are pain free.
Doctors use either general or local anesthesia to numb your mouth during dental implant placement. Patients are comfortable during the procedure. You can be sedated to relieve anxiety if necessary. Most patients experience minimal to no post operative discomfort.

3. Implant placement is a one day procedure.
The days of returning to the dentist’s office for countless procedures are long gone with modern implant placement. Using the latest in digital technology, doctors can plan and place implants all in one day.

4. Your new smile will improve your quality of life.
Even if you have been told that your teeth are beyond rescue, dental implants may still be an option. Let a dental implant doctor assess if you are a good candidate, so you can choose if dental implants are right for you. If you would like new teeth, a better quality of life and a gorgeous smile, dental implants can be a worthwhile investment.
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